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Bill would streamline prescription claims processing

SACRAMENTO – Sen. Ricardo Lara’s bill that protects modern and efficient processing of workers’ compensation pharmacy claims passed out of the Senate floor Monday on a bipartisan vote with no opposition.
“This requirement for a copy is an unnecessary burden,” said Lara. “At a time when California has made it clear that we want to move towards more efficient and expedient electronic billing systems, creating a requirement for a copy that provides duplicative information does not make sense.”
In order to carry out the requirements established under current law, a new system would have to be developed and implemented that would allow for the inclusion of a copy of the prescription.
It is unsound to pay for a brand new system when a copy offers the same information given in a claim, Lara said.
Without SB 146, consumers run the risk of their claims being denied if a copy is not provided, he added.
SB 146 provides that a copy of a prescription for pharmaceutical services is not necessary unless required under a written agreement between an employer, insurer or third-party claims administrator and a pharmacy.
The bill is on its way to the Assembly.

Published: March 28, 2013 – Volume 11 – Issue 50

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