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Brookshire Park selected to undergo renovations

DOWNEY – Brookshire Park has been chosen to receive a $85,000 renovation next year, including a new playground and “improvements focused on healthy and active living.”
Funding for the renovation comes from First 5 Los Angeles, an organization established in 1998 after California voters approved Proposition 10, an effort to fund health, safety and early education programs for children prenatal to age 5 through revenue from tax on tobacco products.
DakeLuna Consultants has been chosen to design and install the park improvements starting in January.
A recent survey of Downey park users revealed that Brookshire Park is not “well used” and the park’s condition was just “OK,” according to DakeLuna.
A public workshop was held Aug. 24 where local residents were invited to share their input on park renovations.
“The key is to provide a challenge that is appropriate to the child’s age and to make it easy for the caregiver to choose the playground,” DakeLuna officials said in a press release. “A 3-year-old is challenged by climbing stairs, and monkey bars are appropriate for those older than 5. Protecting the playground and having areas where the caregiver might appreciate (protection) from the heat of the summer sun is critical.”
Renovations are expected to start in January.

Published: Oct. 31, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 29

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