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Christmas decorating contest winners

DOWNEY – Winners have been announced for Downey’s newly revamped 2013 Holiday Home Decorating Contest.

Contestants competed in the category of their choice, with Parks and Recreation commissioners and their spouses serving as judges. An awards ceremony was held Monday at City Hall.

A total of 40 homes won awards; homes that won Best Overall or Honorable Mention received signs to display in their yard.

In each of the four judging areas, one Mayor’s Award was awarded to the home with the highest score in that area. These homes received a trophy.

This year’s winners included:

Area 1 (east of Downey Ave., south of Firestone Blvd.)

Best Use of Lights: 8602 Nada St. (Honorable Mention: 8503 Dalen St.)
Best Lawn Display: 8535 Fontana St. (Honorable Mention: 12903 Airpoint Ave.)
Best Religious Display: 2246 Eastbrook Ave
Christmas Tree Window Display: 9006 Margaret St. (Honorable Mention: 12049 Patton Rd.)
Mayor’s Award: 8402 Conklin St.

Area 2 (west of Downey Ave., south of Firestone Blvd.)

Best Use of Lights: 7619 Nada St. (Honorable Mention: 7826 Devenir Ave.)
Best Lawn Display: 7414 Luxor St. (Honorable Mention: 7852 Brookmill Rd.)
Most Energy Efficient: 7920 Melva St. (Honorable Mention: 7964 Borson St.)
Best Religious Display: 7614 Yankey St. (Honorable Mention: 11603 Haro Ave.)
Winter Wonderland: 12065 S. Gurley Ave.
Most Original Holiday Display: 12353 Horley Ave. (Honorable Mention: 7453 Benares St.)
Christmas Tree Window Display: 7104 Nada St.
Mayor’s Award: 12023 Morning Ave.

Area 3 (west of Downey Ave., north of Firestone Blvd.)

Best Use of Lights: 7629 4th Place (Honorable Mention: 7359 Via Rio Nido)
Best Lawn Display: 9912 Norlian Ave.
Most Energy Efficient: 7827 8th St.
Winter Wonderland: 10324 Pomering Rd. (Honorable Mention: 9922 Norlain Ave.)
Most Original Holiday Display: 10318 Pomering Rd. (Honorable Mention: 7521 Cleargrove Dr.)
Christmas Tree Window Display: 8125 7th St. Apt A
Mayor’s Award: 7504 Muller St.

Area 4 (east of Downey Ave., north of Firestone Blvd.)

Best Use of Lights: 8537 Via Amorita, (Honorable Mention: 9444 Sideview Dr.)
Best Lawn Display: 8517 Lubec St. (Honorable Mention: 9906 Brookshire Ave.)
Best Religious Display: 10221 Newville Ave.
Santa’s Workshop: 10945 Hasty Ave. (Honorable Mention: 8564 Suva St.)
Winter Wonderland: 9384 Suva St.
Most Original Holiday Display: 10903 Hasty Ave. (Honorable Mention: 8358 Lubec St.)
Christmas Tree Window Display: 11018 Marbel Ave. (Honorable Mention: 9220 Arrington)
Mayor’s Award: 10257 Mattock Ave.

Published: Dec. 12, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 35

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