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Close calls

Dear Editor:
Being a Downey resident, I feel the city should do something about the traffic signal at the intersection of Wiley Burke and Florence Avenue. In order to turn left on Wiley Burke, a car must wait for no oncoming traffic to turn.
What the city should do is put a green arrow light to stop the traffic that builds up for residents in the area. While the solid green light is on to turn, many pedestrians are crossing the street which makes the driver vulnerable of hitting the person walking because you are so concentrated on turning. Not only is it dangerous for pedestrians but for the driver that is turning also.
I have been so close to being hit by over-the-speed-limit drivers trying to catch the yellow light. In many occasions I have seen cars close to getting hit because they think the other car is going to stop at the yellow light and they don’t.
Either the city should do something about it or drivers should be more careful and stop when there is a yellow light and a car is waiting to turn.
Yorlin Guido

Published: Sept. 12, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 22

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