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Constructive criticism

Dear Editor:
How about Lawrence Christon boogies on over to the bi-weekly council meeting and entertains us with his brilliant insight; hopefully he is much more than just a savvy writer with creative words.
Mr. Christon is constantly bashing Mayor Mario Guerra, our councilmen and our city, yet he offers no intelligent, positive ideas, suggestions, feedback and/or opinions. It is very easy to stand on the sidelines and call out plays; I think such an articulate man would offer much more than criticisms and juvenile rants. I say Mr. Christon should put aside his differences with the mayor and offer the city some constructive ideas that I’m sure he can offer.
Mayor Guerra and our current councilmen have done a fabulous job, Downey is on the right path under this fine leadership we currently have. Mayor Guerra has done so much for the city and being a lifelong resident of Downey, I can’t recall a mayor this involved with the community with the best interest of Downey always at the forefront. People tend to forget that these elected men aren’t paid and do this out of the love and passion they have for Downey.
Keep up the good work, mayor!
Charlie Smith

Published: Oct. 24, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 28

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