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Dr. Mary Stauffer

Dear Editor:
If Winston Churchill was alive today he would say, “Never so many, received so much from one person,” referring to Dr. Mary Stauffer. Her generosity is boundless and she has helped students, faculty and facilities in the Downey school system for many years.
I applaud Harold Hougland’s expression of gratitude towards Dr. Stauffer (Letters to the Editor, 9/26/13). More people should do this and recognize Dr. Stauffer’s philanthropic activities.
Both of my children received grants for being Stauffer Scholars and Junior 4.0 awards recipients. More than the money is the recognition of their accomplishments that my children value more and it has motivated them to do better in school, which aligns very well with Dr. Stauffer’s famous commitment to invest in the youth of our city.
When asked about what my fame to claim is, I always state, “I have had the honor of knowing Dr. Mary Stauffer.”
Jorge Montero

Published: Oct. 10, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 26

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