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East Middle School students

East Middle School students recently wrapped production of “Supercomics” after a successful four-day run.
Back row: Jenny Serrano, Emmanuel Quezada, John Eskraus, Blake Boyington and Joshua Williams;
second row: (standing) Kendra Gonzalez and Yanni Ramirez;
third row: Jenn Rauda, Sergio Sanchez, Melanie Castro, Eileen Garrido, Emilio Robles and Aimee Danillin;
fourth row: Miss Julie Moren, Brent Lugo, Alexis Gomez-Vargas, Veronica Galvez, Jennifer Hernandez and Kevin Urias;
front row: Andrew Bilodeau, Bailey Campbell, Brianne Gonzalez, Scott Johnson, Zackary Hardin, Sussan Diaz and Raymond Escamilla.

Published: April 11, 2013 – Volume 11 – Issue 52

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