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Gay rights

Dear Editor:
Both Ms. Hortua and Ms. Montoya have displayed a tendency seen in all gay rights activists toward outright slander and lying against their opponents in their recent letters to the editor regarding Chick-Fil-A and I, for one, am sick of it.
To accuse Chick-Fil-A of discrimination against gay people is a malicious lie, and shame on Ms. Hortua for doing so. Ms. Montoya suggests Downey is an inhospitable place for the LGBT community because they don’t sponsor a parade? Seriously? Such a drastic disconnect between reality and their bizarre worldview.
The only discrimination and oppression nowadays comes from the LGBT community against Christians. Gay rights activists want to force acceptance of their lifestyle on all Americans and should anyone disagree publicly, then look out. Glitter bombs, harassment, stalking, lawsuits, and eventually jail time will be your punishment. The “oppressed” have become the oppressors.
It is not discrimination to believe in traditional marriage nor is it a civil rights violation to deny this privilege to unorthodox couples, but all reason and logic falls flat in the face of zealous, emotionally immature adults with self-righteous indignation because not enough people clap their hands and celebrate men wearing women’s lingerie.
People have the right to choose alternative lifestyles, but they do not have the right to suppress my opposition to them nor does any government entity.
Alaina Niemann

Dear Editor:
Why is all this fighting over a tasteless chicken restaurant that’s opening in Downey? I have only gone dining to Chick-Fil-A once in my life and, I have to say, the food was tasteless and not my cup of tea.
It’s kind of sad, to be honest, to see another fast food restaurant opening when we have so many of them already providing junk food to make people fat.
As for having gay pride parades, I’m all for it. Having more businesses in the city where residents can spend money is a great idea. More money spent in Downey is more money for the city.
Gay rights are human rights and I can’t believe I’m reading all these negative letters, about how it’s “not natural.” People are born gay, the same way people are born black, white, Hispanic, etc. People can’t choose to be gay, they are born gay.
It is a shame that in 2013 we can’t seem to have acceptance for people with different sexual preferences. California took a big step forward in allowing gay marriage and I can’t wait to be invited to a gay wedding because I know I will have fun, and I will respect them and honor the commitment they have made to get married.
We need to open our eyes and see that Downey has a large gay population and we should do our best to try and keep our community open to all. We can’t move forward by looking back and thinking in a narrow way.
Jeff Smith

Dear Editor:
I bet before Ms. Solozano found out the owner of Chick-Fil-A supports marriage between man and women she ate there and they treated her with the same respect and kindness as they do everyone else.
Not everybody will always agree with their lifestyle or views. Stop trying to force them on people.
Now with AB 1266, our state wants to force boys and girls in public schools to share the same bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and overnight school sleeping arrangements just to please the gay community; it shows how selfish they are.
Shame on you politicians for supporting this bill and shame on us for not doing more to stop it.
I raised my daughters in public schools. Now we will be homeschooling our grandkids.
Alfonso Jimenez

Dear Editor:
After reading the comments concerning Chick-Fil-A, I realized this is why separation of church and state needs to be continually observed.
I make no pretense that I do not endorse anything other than what I would term as a normal lifestyle. I do object to individuals attacking religion on the basis of being homophobic. This country was founded on the belief of freedoms we hold so dear.. one of those is to practice the religion of our own choosing without infringement from the government.
No one can infringe upon that right nor disparage the right by calling its believers homophobic since it is contrary to their beliefs.
Yes, gays have rights and should not be discriminated against under federal law. Chick-Fil-A has already given notice it will serve those of the gay community…but don’t demand Christian businesses to condone one’s lifestyle when it is contrary to the way the owner conducts business.
I, for one, will support Chick-Fil-A and any other business regardless of its owner’s personal views, unless it is traitorous to the United States.
Michael L. Cunningham

Dear Editor:
After reading all the responses to Ms. Solozano’s letter, I realized how intolerant the citizens of Downey are.
I actually think her idea of a carnival or celebration is a great idea. I also think Downey should have a Latin American Heritage celebration to celebrate all of the contributions of Latin Americans to our city.
Ricardo Diaz

Published: Oct. 31, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 29

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