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Government accountability

Dear Editor:
So we have another one who wants to be our state senator – Kevin Perez-Allen – whose “compelling reason for running is he was born in Montebello, reared in Pico Rivera and lives in Whittier. (“Kevin Perez-Allen Joins Race for State Senate,” 7/25/13) I’d venture to say that many could run on that qualification.
I agree that things haven’t been run properly by past and current officials. I’ve asked before that we have an open forum of the candidates where we could hear their views and ask questions before the election.
The statements that “people have been suffering economically with no relief in sight” (at least on the part of the California senators and Assembly members or at a federal level) is true. What I’d like to know is what those running would do to correct the foolish spending and other legislative mess we’re in. How can they represent us if they never are available to meet with the public? From what I know of Sally Havice and the Calderon brothers, I’m not at all impressed. I don’t know what Ms. Mendoza has done.
Questions: what does Mr. Perez-Allen plan to do to help small business, in light of Obamacare that is killing small businesses? Does his opposition to oil drilling help or hurt the U.S.? I think it hurts. Just what we need – another environmentalist to cause gas and food prices to go up.
Then he also mentions the high dropout rate at schools. It concerns me too, but no one seems to be addressing the problem. They always want to throw more money at it – a waste of money. The problem is lack of discipline at home, then at school.
A few years ago, I picked up my step-granddaughter at grammar school. I was shocked at the words these children were using on school grounds. She said, “Grandma, they won’t let them talk like that at school at Elsinore.”
If there are parents who won’t discipline their children and get them to school, if they are on some government assistance program, as most are, let the parents know that attendance and discipline are imperative, or assistance will be cut. Sound hard? Yes, but could be effective. There is no reason to give ADA money for students that aren’t interested or are disruptive in class or are truant. Let them go to work and earn as a day laborer or work in the field.
Our state is deeply in debt. I’d like each candidate to address what he or she would do to correct this. It is possible California could go into bankruptcy. I know it would be difficult, but possible, under the lack of federal leadership, which continues to “buy” votes with our money, Chinese money or printing worthless money. What I’m asking is answers – not catchphrases. I want accountability, not the kind of senator we’ve had from Sen. Lowenthal who, when I call to find out how he voted, his aide said they didn’t know. Finally, after calling three other California senators I found out he voted “yes” and that he had authored the bill. Since that man went in office, I’ve never seen him or the Calderons at any civic meeting or anyplace else.
We want some contact with those elected who “serve” us. Political office is the only place where the “servants” have more benefits and perks than those they are supposed to serve. Once in office, the next thought is “how can I get elected again?”
Elsa Van Leuven

Published: Aug. 15, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 18

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