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Governor signs cyber-bullying law

BELL GARDENS – Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law AB 256, legislation that authorizes schools to discipline students who engage in cyber-bullying even if conducted off campus.
“Once cyber-bullying is discovered in a text, email or in any form, this law will give school officials the tools to pursue bullies and protect the well-being of our students,” said Assemblymember Cristina Garcia, who authored the bill.
Currently, students in grades 4-12 who engage in bullying can be disciplined only if the bullying occurs while traveling to and from school, on campus during school hours, or as part of a school-sponsored activity.
“AB 256 closes a large loophole in anti-bullying law to match the reality we live in today by updating laws written before the explosive growth of electronic devices and instant communication,” said Garcia. “By supporting this bill, the Governor and the Legislature have made a clear statement that student bullying is unacceptable and that it will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.”

Published: Oct. 24, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 28

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