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Kennedy myth

Dear Editor:
The tragic death of President Kennedy, the 9/11 towers disaster, the bomb at the Boston marathon and the recent shootings at LAX are relevant proof of how difficult it is to stop determined sociopaths looking for a place in history.
The tragedy of the Kennedy presidency is now seen by many through the fogged lens of what it could have been instead of what it was. The prevalent Kennedy myth will not disappear until those of us who came of age when President Kennedy was alive are gone to eternity.
President Kennedy had many mistresses. As a Catholic I wonder if he ever confessed his sins and what penance, if any, he was given by his confessor.
President Kennedy himself admitted that the Bay of Pigs disaster was his first major failure. A true war hero, he hated war and lost the opportunity to redeem himself when ballistic missile silos were discovered in Cuba and instead of following his generals’ advice he did not remove Castro but appeased the Russians by removing our ballistic missiles from Turkey in exchange for maintaining the status quo in Cuba.
President Kennedy’s wife, Jacqueline, died as the widow of a Greek tycoon and yet today she is remembered as the dutiful wife of the martyred President Kennedy.
History will record the real accomplishments if any of the short lived Kennedy presidency.
Jorge Montero

Published: Nov. 28, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 33

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