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Lack of bicycle racks

Dear Editor:
Imagine going to a store and being told that the only way you could shop there was if you left your car unlocked with the windows down. How terrible would that be?
That is exactly what the city of Downey and its many businesses implicitly ask of bicyclists by not having bicycle racks installed on or near their properties.
While Downey council members painstakingly slug through the details of a bicycle master plan for the next year or so, they should not delay on requiring or at least incentivizing businesses that have the space and wherewithal to install bicycle racks. Most Downey banks, grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, bakeries, strip malls and entertainment venues still do not have this vital accommodation for bicyclists.
Downey does not need to roll out a grand master plan to provide a way for bicyclists to secure their beloved bicycles as they go about their day participating in the local economy.
Dan Chantre

Published: Aug. 8, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 17

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