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Muslim Brotherhood

Dear Editor:
Egypt is the most important country in the Middle East and its stability is the strongest weapon against international terrorism.
The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother organization of Al Qaida, Hamas and other Islamic jihad terrorists.
The Obama administration supported the Muslim Brotherhood to gain power in Egypt. This support can be out of ignorance or because of a special negative agenda not in the best interest of Egypt or the USA. The fact is the Obama administration helped and paid for an unethical deal with the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood.
The Egyptian people realized the destructive plan of their country planned by the Muslim brothers’ agenda under their leader Mohamed Morse, so on June 30 in the most civilized revolution and the biggest in human history, 33 million Egyptians protested to remove Morse and his unpatriotic government. The Egyptian Army abided by the order of his people to protect their revolution and country against the terrorism of the Muslim brothers against Egypt and Egyptian.
On July 26, 35 million Egyptians came out to call for the army to support the people at the Egyptians Against Terrorism demonstration.
Since the Egyptian people removed the Muslim brothers from power, they have been expressing their true terrorist behavior, and they used their illegal heavy weapons to kill police, army and civilians, including their followers that wanted to leave their organization. They burned 27 Christian churches in the last week; some are historical treasures for all the world. They burned many governmental offices, museums and attacked the Library of Alexandria (the greatest in the world).
We Americans who know the true history are explaining it to the American people. It’s in our economic interest and safety to not support the Muslim Brotherhood.
We need to question Obama. and ask why he is supporting them, and why media such as CNN and Al Jazeera are not telling us the truth but giving us news that is unethical and one-sided to show fabricated news to support the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.
Dr. Shahira A-Malek

Published: Aug. 22, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 19

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