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Nightclub withdraws request for go-go dancers
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce, Editor

DOWNEY – Club DB Lounge won’t be getting its go-go dancers after all.

In a letter to city planners, Hayk Gevorkyan, owner of the nightclub, unexpectedly withdrew his application seeking go-go dancers.

The Planning Commission was scheduled to consider the application Wednesday night after granting a tentative approval last month, a controversial decision that upset conservative residents.

“The main reason for this cancellation is that I noticed that many city officials, including the Downey Police Department, among others, did not like, or support the idea of me bringing Go-Go dancers to my business, and I have much respect for the city and its community,” Gevorkyan wrote in the letter, dated Aug. 19. “Therefore, it’s only logical for me to cancel this application.”

About half a dozen residents appeared poised to speak out against the go-go dancers at Wednesday’s Planning Commission meeting.

Mayor Fernando Vasquez was the only council member to publicly criticize the commission’s preliminary decision to allow go-go dancers, pending a list of conditions.

Had Gevorkyan not withdrawn his application, and the commission approved the go-go dancers, it’s likely the decision would have been appealed to the City Council.



Published: Aug. 21, 2014 – Volume 13 – Issue 19

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