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Partisan bickering

Dear Editor:
In regard to Ms. Van Leuven and Mr. Kearn’s letters, as well as the others that have weighed in, I would like to add my two cents.

Their columns are starting to sound a little like I imagine a session of Congress must sound like! I am a longtime Downey resident, as well as a registered voter. The party affiliation doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am first and foremost a very proud American. No one can take that away from me.

Not one party is always right or wrong. Talking heads are just that. They’re talking to us about their biased beliefs.

We live in the greatest country on the planet. We have freedoms and privileges others can only dream about. Instead of bickering about everything, listen to the messages and principles of the people running for these elite offices and positions. Then vote for the person, not party, they represent.

It is left up to us as voters to choose all of our representatives intelligently and thoughtfully. Is everyone going to be happy with the outcome? Certainly not. Even Ronald Reagan was a Democrat at one time in his life!

If our forefathers could have even remotely imagined what the world would be like now and the huge responsibilities put upon our elected officials, do you think they would have done things differently?

I wonder.

Lee Ann Linke

Dear Editor:
To the critics of Ms. Van Leuven, back off. She is at least thoughtful enough to hold strong views and is unafraid to express them.

She is undeterred by criticism, including mine, and if she challenges others to express their own, we are all better for it. Yes, she sometimes suffers from “selective memory” when it comes to facts, but don’t we all?

I compare her letter of Dec. 12 with that of Ms. Niemann, who says she would rather leave Downey than be exposed to any opinions other than her own. Goodbye and good luck, Ms. Niemann, on whatever planet you find.

As far as Ms. Van Leuven is concerned, argue with her point of view but not with her right to have one. Besides, page 5 of the Patriot might be dull without her.

David Mathews

Dear Editor:
OK, we get it – Elsa Van Leuven hates President Obama. So stop harping already.

Jim Tulk

Dear Editor:
With regards to Alaina Niemann’s letter “Leaving Downey,” I am having difficulties linking her objection to Macy’s Day Parade programming, which seemed to have prompted her letter, with her decision to leave Downey.

I do hope someone will remind her that these parade broadcasts reach the flyover states, so leaving our fine town is not the answer.

Erin Wiebe

Dear Editor:
Wow! The vitriolic language of the letters from conservatives on these pages lately has been matched only by their ignorance of the world that exists outside the bubble in which they live.

I have a small request. Please, if the entire breadth of your world view comes from talk radio and Fox News, please state so at the beginning of your letter. That way, those of us seeking non-caustic, informed ideas and opinions can move on to the next letter.

Richard Henry

Dear Editor
I am so grieved and concerned for my beloved nation, my state, and now my city. My children and grandchildren are paying the price for this chaos, and my husband and I feel frustrated and helpless.

Here we are on a fixed income, receiving what we paid into for so many years, and as Mr. Abney said our California legislators are getting a raise? Not to mention our governor, who was a disaster the first time he was governor, and people reelected him? Are they nuts? Does no one check out candidates’ records any more? He did not do one good thing for this state, and now he’s building a “railroad to nowhere”, with our hard-earned, much-needed tax dollars.

And Elsa Van Leuven, you’ve been “borked”, so you are in good company. He too (Robert Bork) was attacked with deliberate falsehoods and misinformation, by our current vice president, and a member of the Kennedy clan who caused the death of a young woman and never paid for it. Those of you who accuse this woman of spewing “venom” have a peculiar definition of the word, because her letters are well researched and factual, but your letters about her are just hateful. What’s with that? Are you afraid to do the research and find out the real facts, or is your mind made up in spite of the facts? As the professor in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” (C. S. Lewis) said “Logic. Why don’t they teach logic at these schools?”

All that seems to be taught now is propaganda and situational ethics. I feel sorry for the real teachers caught up in this system.

And I am sorry that decent Downey citizens like the Niemannn family feel compelled to move away. We can’t afford to lose many more informed people who really care.

I could not believe the new mayor mentioned the “peoples’ republic” of Santa Monica and crime infested, drug infested Long Beach as role models for Downey. Art? There have been artists in Downey for decades. Do these newcomers think they invented art? What about the mural torn down at Downey High? That was done by local talent. Local talent has put on concerts, symphonies, and dance performances in the Downey Theater for years. Local talent has designed and built many award-winning Rose floats. Local talent displayed art in the Downey Museum of Art. Local artists drew pictures for the space program. Downey has had a number of published writers, film makers, actors, etc. The Downey Symphony has encouraged music in our schools.

I’ve lived in Downey for 47 years, and my husband for 67, because it has been the best city around here.

If you want to do something positive for Downey, go for it, but don’t attack the character of a city which has been a good place to live for a long time. And don’t attack the character of people who have made it a good place in which to live.

Glory Derryberry

Published: Dec. 19, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 36

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