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Police: to prevent burglaries, we must work together
WRITTEN BY :   Downey Police Department

DOWNEY — Residential burglaries happen everywhere and Downey is not exempt. Burglaries typically leave victims feeling violated and fearful, but can be prevented in many cases. There are things you can do to protect your residence and make it less attractive to potential burglars.

Burglars enter into homes in a variety of ways, but if there is an easy opportunity they will certainly take advantage. A window left open or an unlocked rear slider are common means of entry.

Burglars generally look for locations where it appears no one is home. Often they will ring the doorbell or knock on the front door to find out if anyone is there. When no one answers they will start looking for a way to enter. Making it known that someone is inside will often deter a burglar.

Burglaries are seldom committed by lone suspects. Often, they work in groups of two or more. They may have a look-out standing nearby to alert them to police or potential witnesses. It’s also common for them to arrive in a vehicle that may be parked in a driveway or waiting nearby.

Almost all burglaries thwarted by police are a direct result of citizen calls. Usually, neighbors are the first to notice something unusual in the neighborhood, whether it is a car slowly cruising the street or an unfamiliar car parked in a driveway. The public is the best source of information for the police.

Timely information is what helps identify these suspects. If something doesn’t seem right, it may not be. You should report suspicious activity to the police department immediately. Be prepared to explain why the activity is suspicious or unusual, and to give detailed descriptions of the suspicious persons or vehicles. This will help the responding officers as they arrive to investigate.

Crime prevention is a proactive effort that requires collaboration between the police department and the community. Burglary is one crime that can be greatly affected by citizen participation. You truly are the eyes and ears of your Police Department.

Most importantly, if you see suspicious activity, immediately call the Downey Police Department at (562) 861-0771 or if it is a life threatening emergency dial 911.

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