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Dear Editor:
Well Mr. Hudspeth, when my mailman went above and beyond, I wrote a letter to the Downey Postmaster. Since I never heard from him, I don’t know if he even read my letter. (“Happy With Postal Service,” Letters to the Editor, 9/19/13)
I had fallen and broke my ankle. Hobbling around with a cane and a cast made it hard for me to get to my mailbox so my mailman was kind enough to bring my mail to my door, along with any throwaway papers in my yard.
I think that the employees on this “lower” level are really great people. I think it is the ones at the top that can’t seem to stop wasting money. Maybe some of those should be laid off.
Personally, I think we need to have someone independent taking care of the mail – not the government.
Doris Hannon

Published: Sept. 26, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 24

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