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Pro-life poem

Dear Editor:
I cry for the children who never see the sun,
I cry for the children – God made each one.
I cry for the children whose feet never touch the earth,
I cry for the children who die before birth.

Jesus’ blood on Calvary was shed for every baby
which you see – how many unborn babies
died in America today?

I wish that we would have compassion
for the unborn children of our nation
– how long will this human sacrifice go on?

I cry for the children who never knew each other
— also I cry for their mothers.
They will know the forgiveness of God
as they come to Jesus and are washed in His love.

I wish that we would all believe:
“Children are a gift from the Lord
and the fruit of the womb is His reward.”

My daddy, John Halstensgaard, was a pro-life activist. One day a woman spoke to him while he was in front of an abortion clinic. She said, “Thanks to you, I am a grandmother now.”
This reminds me of an old Jewish proverb: “He who saves one life – it is as if he saved the whole world.”
If even one baby is saved from abortion because you printed this letter, it will be worthwhile.
Alan Halstensgaard

Published: Sept. 19, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 23

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