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Promenade at Downey

Dear Editor:
Tierra Luna…formerly Boeing…almost Tesla…”lifestyle center” or promenade…A shopping center by any other name would be as sweet.
Ever since the name Tierra Luna was first mentioned in print it was followed by criticism and complaints. The reasons ranged from the name not paying homage to Boeing’s history to being too “ethnic.” The powers that be went back to the drawing board and came up with the ever creative name Promenade at Downey. That sounds strangely similar to the Block at Orange which, if you don’t already know, changed its name to Outlets at Orange because the previous name was too generic and its own residents didn’t patronize it.
While I wasn’t in love with the name Tierra Luna, I did understand its reasoning from a marketing/image standpoint. If you’ve ever been in an upscale part of So Cal you’ll undoubtedly come across a development name of Spanish influence. Case in point: Bella Terra in Huntington Beach. There you can shop, eat, walk along its “paseos” and enjoy live music. When I read Tierra Luna, this upscale image if what came to mind.
I also understand the convenience of naming it something Spanish-sounding, as Downey’s residents are, after all, 71 percent Spanish speaking. I personally had heard several residents excited about the name.
All this made me wonder who in their right mind thought Tierra Luna was too ethnic of a name? Non-Spanish speaking residents perhaps?
It is my opinion that a successful city takes into consideration the majority of its residents and acts accordingly. However, with this name change decision I feel alienated by the very city I am so proud to live in.
Al Rangel

Published: Nov. 21, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 32

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