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School board election

Dear Editor:
Downey is a very special community. There are many reasons we live in this great City. Downey Unified School District is one of those special reasons.
We have a school district that cares about our kids. DUSD has high graduation rates, high test scores and promotes values and character. They promote academics, fitness, diversity and science. DUSD has the highest paid teachers in all of L.A. County. It is well run and fiscally responsible.
The Board of Education for Downey Unified continues to hire the right people in key management positions and the results speak for themselves. Their leadership has always been great. It is one of the best managed and run school districts in all of California. I attribute this to a great school board who has shown a willingness to be pro active for our kids.
I feel strongly about three special ladies that have dedicated themselves to our City and our kids. Martha Sodetani, Barbara Samperi and Nancy Swenson have led by example and have a proven record of achievement and success. They deserve to be re-elected.
It is very important that we keep heading in the right direction. Our City has an amazing working relationship with our fine school district and they are a big part of it. They are active in our community in so many ways and I am strongly urging everyone to vote for what is best for our kids and community. I wish I could vote for all three.
I ask that everyone in our City consider what a great school district we have and what an impact these ladies and our board have had on our kids, community and values in Downey. We are a proud Character Counts City and we need to make sure that the right people continue what they have started. I write this as your neighbor and as an individual because this is so important to my family and yours. Please vote next Tuesday.
Mario Guerra
Mayor, City of Downey

Dear Editor:
On Nov. 5, the registered voters in Downey have the opportunity to vote in the Downey School Board election. I urge the voters in Areas 1, 5 and 7 to vote for the incumbents Martha Sodetani, Nancy Swenson and Barbara Samperi.
All those are extremely dedicated to providing the best educational experience for the children of the Downey Unified School District. They are informed, active, intelligence and independent. They spend numerous hours at various City, District and School functions and activities with one goal in mind – to make sure the children of Downey have the best education possible. They have no other agenda.
They are part of the reason that the Downey Unified School District was able to have a balanced budget with no teacher layoffs and no forced furlough days during the recession. I know of only a handful of other districts throughout California that were able to do what DUSD did.
So let’s give them our support now for doing such a good job. Vote for the best, vote for Sodetani, Swenson and Samperi Nov. 5!
D. Mark Morris
DUSD Board Member

Dear Editor:
I was surprised to see a school board candidate (Mr. John Anagnostou) criticizing me for utilizing your paper’s opinion page. (Letters to the Editor, 10/24/13)
I did so to cast support for three candidates I consider to be upstanding and worthy of Downey’s vote. Isn’t that what the “Letter to the Editor” section is for? I’m guessing “yes,” since you printed it.
Furthermore, my original letter condemning partisanship in local elections was not directed at Mr. Anagnostou. But, while we’re on the this subject, I would love to meet Mr. Anagnostou in the community one day. I have yet to see him in any capacity during my 40 years in Downey.
Don’t forget to vote (or turn in your absentee ballot) on Tuesday, Nov. 5!
Kirk Cartozian
Former mayor, Downey

Published: Oct. 31, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 29

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