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Stauffer scholar

Dear Editor:
I am a June 2012 graduate of Warren High School and I am currently studying aerospace engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology.
In both elementary school and middle I was awarded the Stauffer Scholar award and in high school I received the Stauffer 4.0 award. All of these awards included an amount of money which I deposited in a 529 account to help pay for my college education.
More important than the money was the motivation I got to excel in school after being so honored.
Last week, I was visiting my family for the Thanksgiving break and I learned that there is a movement to name a school after Dr. Mary Stauffer. As a recipient of Dr. Stauffer’s generosity, I support this motion and I urge my fellow Stauffer Scholars to do the same.
Mark Montero
Melbourne, Florida

Published: November 29, 2012 – Volume 11 – Issue 33

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