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Stay Gallery

Dear Editor:
Congratulations to all members of the community who have contributed to Stay Gallery for helping this valuable resource reach its one year anniversary. Special kudos to Val, Gabe and Joe for all of their dedication to a dream…your efforts have been so successful!
As an art teacher at Downey High School, I’m extremely grateful for Stay Gallery and the many exhibits they have held during the past year. My students have enjoyed visiting the gallery, attending opening nights, and some have been fortunate enough to display their own work at various shows.
Also, since Stay is so conveniently located, I have been able to take my advancec ceramics students on walking field trips to the gallery several times. Val and Gabe always have creative ways to get the students really involved in and with the artwork on display. The students are learning while enjoying. More Downey Unified teachers should take advantage of such a valuable resource.
Val has always strived to share his love of the arts, even when he was a young boy in my second grade class at Alameda Elementary (yes, I have known him for many years). His passion for knowledge and his appreciation of creativity is contagious. The city of Downey is blessed to have such a caring and involved citizen.
again, congratulations Downey and Stay Gallery!
Vivian Durkee
VPA Teacher
Downey High School

Published: Oct. 24, 2013 – Volume 12 – Issue 28

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