21 Twitter accounts everyone in Downey should be following

Last week, Los Angeles Magazine published its list of 50 Twitter accounts "everyone in L.A. should follow." 

Inspired, the Patriot complied its own list of 21 must-follow Twitter accounts.

Here they are, in no particular order



1.) Rancho Los Amigos Foundation


Although barely a few weeks old, the Rancho Los Amigos Foundation Twitter account does a remarkable job delivering uplifting, positive news at a time when we need it most.


2.) Kaiser Permanente News


Kaiser Permanente created a social media account strictly for its Downey hospital, but you don't have to be a Kaiser member to appreciate its health tips and commentary.


3.) Jason Barquero


Downey's Jason Barquero is the public address announcer for the L.A. D-Fenders, the Lakers' D League affiliate. He's a must-follow for Lakers and Dodgers news (with a sprinkling of political snark thrown in for good measure). 


4.) Jared Head


When he's not sharing stunning images from the Griffith Observatory or tweeting science factoids that would make @POTUS fume, Jared Head is giving followers a first-hand look at his wonderfully weird self. We're privileged to be along for the ride.


5.) Sean Ashton


In a refreshing twist, Downey Mayor Pro Tem Sean Ashton uses Twitter not as a public relations or campaign tool, but as a method to communicate directly with residents.


6.) Emely Lopez


The Warren High grad and 2016-17 Miss Downey is working towards becoming an educator, and she'll likely be a school superintendent one day. In the meantime, her Twitter account is a beacon of positivity to enjoy.


7.) Downey TLC


Downey's True Lasting Connections Family Resource Center provides health and human services to Downey students and their families. But while the facility often deals with unspeakable tragedies and difficult family situations, the TLC staff also exemplifies all that is good in Downey. 


8.) Jennifer Rice Epstein


In a Twitterverse filled with snark and hostility, Downey fiction writer and journalist Jennifer Rice Epstein counterbalances with equal parts humor and nuance. Follow her tweets and come away enlightened.


9.) Downey and Warren high schools

@WarrenBears and @DowneyHigh

We combined Downey and Warren because they perform essentially the same function: public information. Both schools do phenomenal jobs tweeting a constant stream of school news, even when the topic is not very pleasant (see above). 


10.) Stauffer Middle School


You don't have to be a Stauffer Middle School alum to admire the school's enthusiasm for education, which shines through via Twitter.


11.) Alicia Edquist


Downey resident and Cerritos College adjunct journalism professor Alicia Edquist manages this news feed, posting updates on a daily basis. 


12.) Carol Kearns


Writer and journalist Carol Kearns is new to Twitter but she's practically a pro, documenting her travels around Downey and L.A. with beautiful photos and blog posts.


13.) Danielle Rodriguez


Danielle Rodriguez was a standout basketball player at Warren High School before going on to play for the University of Utah. Now she's pursuing a basketball career full-time.


14.) Mario Guerra



The former Downey mayor is a master tweeter, espousing opinions on local and national politics in 140 characters or fewer. Whether you agree with his politics or not, Guerra knows what he's talking about.


15.) Columbia Memorial Space Center


There's no reason not to follow the Columbia Memorial Space Center, which finally seems to be blossoming under executive director Ben Dickow. Where else in Downey can you meet real life astronauts? 


16.) The Downey Legend


It'd be a mistake to overlook Downey High's campus newspaper simply because it's produced by teens; the Legend staff creates a steady stream of interesting, engaging articles that appeal to all of Downey.


17.) Alex Dominguez


Downey Patriot staff writer Alex Dominguez often tweets while on assignment. From pictures of the Weinermobile to breaking news stories, Dominguez's feed is just as varied as his stories. 


18.) Downey City Library


The Downey City Library doesn't tweet as often as we'd like, but it's still a valuable resource to stay current on its classes and programs. 


19.) Raul Lara


Try to find a Raul Lara tweet that doesn't contain an exclamation point. It's not easy. The Warren High football coach exudes happiness and enthusiasm online, and it's infectious.


20.) Joslyn Davis


Joslyn Davis's clever musings on pop culture and current events has amassed her a Twitter following that surpasses 73,000. The Downey girl describes herself as a "lover of popcorn, strong coffee, pop-culture & weird adventures," and her Twitter feed reflects that.


21.) Kristine Guerrero


How to be good at Twitter: Be original, funny and a tiny bit salty. Kristine Guerrero is good at Twitter.