Downey Library's January auction items

The Friends of the Downey City Library holds monthly silent auctions to raise money for library programs. The January auction includes:

“How Can It Be? – A Rock & Roll Diary” (Ronnie Wood played with the Birds, Jeff Beck and the Rolling Stones. He relates his experiences here in the form of a diary);

Playing for Pizza” and “Calico Joe” (Two first edition novels from John Grisham);

Steve Jobs” (Based on more than 40 interviews, author Isaacson has written the story of a life that has had a tremendous effect on the world of electronics);

Dark Horses and Underdogs-The Greatest Sports Upsets of All Time” (50 moments of great upsets in college basketball, the Olympics, boxing, and professional football and baseball – includes a CD with live reporting of many of these events);

Los Angeles – Then and Now” ( a chronicle of LA history and changes with pairings of early photographs and current photographs that give an excellent comparison of the Then and Now);

Colt – The American Legend” (The official history of Colt firearms with more than 300 photographs – printed in 1990);

The Best of Big Band and Kings of Swings” (more than 90 recordings on 8 CD’s of original recordings by the original artists);

Chez Panisse Café Cookbook” and “Chez Panisse Fruit” (two classic cookbooks - delightful recipes and beautiful illustrations);

Muhammad Ali – The Soul of a Butterfly” (also includes 5 magazines featuring Ali);

Scrapbooking Your Family Memories” and “Scrapbooking Ideas” (both books make it fun and easy to learn the basics of scrapbooking);

Satellite World Atlas” (a world atlas with two views side-by-side: the traditional map with political boundaries and the satellite view with a few boundaries and cities drawn for reference);

“Close-Up U.S.A.”(a National Geographic publication)

Items have opening bids from $5-$8 and are on display in the library lobby. Bids can be made through noon, Saturday, January 28th, on cards in the Friend’s Bookstore located in the young adult section of the library.