Norwalk, Downey have higher credit card debt than state average

DOWNEY - Norwalk’s average credit card debt burden lies higher than the California average, a recent study says.

The study was run by consumer research company Value Penguin, who examined the credit card debt-to-income (CDTI) ratio across 150 cities in California.

According to Value Penguin, the California average household credit card debt was $8,917 compared to an average income of $95,671, giving the state’s average a CDTI ratio of 9.32 percent.

Norwalk’s CDTI ratio was placed 48 percent higher than that of California’s, citing a 13.84 percent burden from an average credit card debt of $10, 412 compared to a $75,245 average income.

Neighboring Downey also made the list 29 percent above the state average. Downey scored a 12.05 percent burden stemming from an average $9,775 debt and $81,095 average income.

Los Angeles, Long Beach and Buena Park all fell above the state average as well, showing CDTI’s of 10.98 percent, 11.60 percent, and 11.54 percent respectively.

The consumer research company says that more affluent cities are better able to handle credit card debt than lower income cities. While many of these lower income cities had average household debts much lower than the California average, the debt weighed heavier because income was disproportionately lower.

For the Delgado family, it's all academic


After completing her Master’s program to be a family nurse practitioner, Edna Delgado was supposed to attend her graduation ceremony last Saturday. But that didn’t happen.
“I had to cancel to attend his graduation,” said Delgado, referring to her 17-year-old son, Yanni. “I missed my graduation, but that’s OK.”
Yanni Ramirez recently graduated from Downey High School with honors with a 4.62 GPA. He was accepted to several distinguished schools before deciding to attend Cornell University.
And he’s not the only one of Delgado’s children making great strides in education.

In fact, all three of Delgado’s children seem to have a firm grasp on the importance of education.
Delgado has been a single mother for the last 17 years. She says she’s raised her children, gone to school and worked full time without any assistance.
“I’ve been raising my kids alone,” said Delgado. “I don’t receive any government assistance. I don’t receive any child support. All their achievement I like to take the credit for.”
According to Ramirez, a lot of the motivation and inspiration for his academic success came from his mom.

“At a very young age she instilled that education is the key to success,” said Ramirez. “It shows you that there’s this whole world out there, and if you don’t have an education you lose the chance to see it at its true value…I love education now.”
In addition to Yanni, Delgado is also mother to 20-year-old Chloe and 19-year-old Aron. Both are already enjoying promising futures in their post-secondary educations.
“My daughter also graduated from Downey High School; great student, never had any problems. She was accepted to a few universities [in the] Cal State system,” said Delgado. “She decided to take the community college path. In doing so she took a vocational trade – I think following her mother’s footsteps – so she’s working as a medical assistant for a research company. That has motivated her to continue her education. She’s second year at Santa Monica [College] and she’s getting ready to transfer. Her ideal school is UCLA.”
Delgado’s middle child, Aron, is currently studying United States History at Stanford University. He credits his academic success not only to his mother, but the school district he grew up in.
“Growing up in the DUSD system, we knew that education was important. We were supposed to go to school; it was a place for us to really take it seriously,” he said. “Once my mom started getting her own education… we see our mom going back to school full time while working full time and while still raising us. I thought this is incredible. She was so dedicated. From there I started asking what role does education have in my life?”  
Delgado says she feels blessed.
“It hasn’t been an easy road working full time, going to school, raising these wonderful kids,” said Delgado. “I think any single parent - whether it’s a mom or dad – I think they can do it as long as they stay connected with their children.”

LAPD officer rides from New Jersey to D.C. in honor of Ricky Galvez

A local Downey resident recently participated in a national Police Unity Tour in honor of fallen Downey officer Ricky Galvez. 

Jeffrey Phillips recently returned from a long distance bike ride that spanned from New Jersey to Washington D.C. over the course of three days. He was one of 400 riders to participate.

“There’s a total of nine chapters; I was a part of the Southern California chapter,” said Phillips. “It’s to raise money and bring awareness of fallen officers.”

Phillips is a civilian commanding officer for Los Angeles Police Department, however he rode in honor of a local fallen hero.

“You have choice of if you just want to do it (the unity tour) in general or if you want to do it for someone specific,” said Phillips. “I just thought that it’d be great to ride in honor of Ricky Galvez.” 

This was Phillips’ first time participating. He plans to continue participating in following years. 

“Riding into the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C. where they have all the fallen officers’ names… that was very touching. There was a lot of knots in my throat that I had to swallow. It was a very touching experience.”

Phillips now hopes to present the Galvez family with the jersey he wore during the tour some time in the near future. 

Downey teen invited to exclusive National Youth Engineers Forum at Berkeley

A local high school student has impressed his peers and teachers with some impressive work in robotics, and it has earned him a special opportunity this summer. 

Warren High sophomore Carlos Cardona has been invited to the National Youth Engineers Forum at UC Berkeley.

Warren High sophomore Carlos Cardona has been invited to the National Youth Engineers Forum at UC Berkeley.

Warren High School sophomore Carlos Cardona started in robotics at Griffiths Middle School when he took an engineering class. While he wasn’t a part of the robotics team with the Indians, he has quickly established himself in the field amongst the Bears. 

“I joined the robotics team in my 9th grade year, and gradually I kind of made my way up the tree,” said Cardona. “In my sophomore year, I’m currently the president of the robotics club.”

Alongside his fellow robotics engineers at Warren, Cardona has competed in competitions and tournaments, where he often takes leadership roles. 

Now, he has been invited to the National Youth Engineers Forum hosted by UC Berkeley; one of only 250 students invited in the world, according to Cardona.

Cardona had to have been nominated to receive this invitation. However, he interestingly has no clue who nominated him. 

He is the only Warren student attending. 

Once there, Cardona will be surrounded by professionals in the field who he will be able to interact with and listen to, giving him experience that will help him during his desired career in engineering. 

“It’s going to help me develop my future in terms of engineering,” said Cardona. 

There are also going to be several workshops that Cardona will be able to participate in. 
Currently, Cardona is attempting to fundraise the funds in order to make the trip by selling reusable grocery bags bearing a logo that he designed for $5 - $7.50. 

Cardona has already sold to several individuals including some of his current and past teachers. He is around $1,200 shy of his goal at the moment. 

Those interested in supporting Cardona can email 

WWE Backlash: Preview and Predictions

It was a few weeks ago that the stars of Raw looked for some post-Wrestlemania “Payback.” Now, the superstars of Smackdown face “Backlash.”

Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English

The “Perfect 10” has defeated and frustrated “The Drama King” over the last several weeks. They’re both mid-card talent and there’s nothing really important hanging in the balance. This match wouldn’t be happening if the WWE wasn’t up to something. 

I was always of a fan of Aiden English and the Vaudevillians, however with Simon Gotch now gone from the company English finds himself a singles competitor. He’s been solidly beaten over the last several weeks, but I sense a change in his fortunes. 
Prediction: Aiden English


Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin

Poor Sami Zayn is being fed to someone again.

These two have been going after each other for the last several weeks. Now, the score is set to be settled on Sunday. 

I long for the day that “The Underdog from the Underground” gets his time to shine, but for now Baron Corbin seems to be building momentum during his eventual push to the main event. 
Prediction: Baron Corbin


Luke Harper vs Erick Rowen

Two former Wyatt Family brothers now face off. 

Rowen returned from injury not too long ago, however upon his return the Wyatt Family was in the midst of imploding and Bray was quickly off to Raw. 

Rowen needs the win here, and with the tons of momentum Harper has had a loss won’s hurt him substantially.
Prediction: Erick Rowen


Naomi, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch vs Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina

WWE is blessed with a wealth of great female talent right now, so they should avoid just booking the women for the sake of booking them. But I digress… 

The inaugural and current Smackdown Women’s Champions’ and Smackdown’s newest acquisition take on Natalya and her “welcoming committee.” 

WWE has been pushing the angle that Naomi, Flair and Lynch are “on the same page” really hard, which makes me smell a rat. 

Someone is going to turncoat and cost the good guys the match. The obvious choice is Flair, which makes me absolutely believe that we’re about to see an unexpected Lynch heel turn. 
Prediction: Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina.


The Usos (c) vs Breezango for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Call me crazy, but this match screams upset!

Compared to Raw, Smackdown’s tag team division is a little lacking, to say the least. Raw has Enzo and Big Cass, The Hardy Boyz, Sheamus and Cesaro, and The Club. Smackdown has, uh, The Ascension? 

The Usos have had much more of an entertaining title run than American Alpha before them, but the Blue Brand still needs to establish a few of their tag teams as credible. 
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but “The Fashion Police” are adding a new blue and silver accessory to their summer ensemble. 
Prediction: Breezeango


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler

“The King of Strong Style” vs “The Show Off;” if you’re not drooling, you may not be a real wrestling fan.

Nakamura’s long anticipated call up to the main roster finally came around the time of the Superstar Shakeup, however it’s been over a month and the WWE Universe has yet to see Nakamura participate in a match. 

Ziggler and Nakamura are both sensational workers who are known to put on spectacular matches. This has the potential to steal the show, and is a great opportunity for Nakamura to kick off from while not hurting Ziggler’s stock in the slightest. 
Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura


Kevin Owens (c) vs AJ Styles for the United States Championship

If Nakamura and Ziggler doesn’t steal the show, this match will. 

Two of the most entertaining talents on the roster (if not the world) face off over for the United States Championship. 

Last Tuesday, AJ Styles told The Canadian “New Face of America” that he intended to bring the United States Championship back to America. 

Neither of these guys need the title; they’re both already extremely over with the crowd. Owens and Styles both are former World Champions, and undoubtedly will both be back in the main event scene eventually. 

For now, let Owens keep the title and build it and himself up. Both individuals should bring out the best in each other for one great match.
Prediction: Kevin Owens

Randy Orton (c) vs Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship 

The Iron Sheik. Nikolai Volkoff. La Resistance. Mahammad Hassan. Rusev. WWE hasn’t been afraid to do the “evil anti-American foreigner” angle before, and the once laughable Jinder Mahal (along with former “Bollywood Boyz” the Singh Brothers) have settled into the role pretty successfully. 

Mahal was quickly and quite surprisingly thrust into the main event scene once he was acquired by Smackdown during the Superstar Shakeup. 

While Randy Orton is undoubtedly one of the more boring and least engaging champions as of late, Mahal isn’t quite at the superstar level he should be to take the title. This is likely not the end of the rivalry by any means.
Prediction: Randy Orton