A-Malek: low voter turnout is disappointing

DOWNEY − As many may know I ran for city council district 2. My main goal was to bring the people’s voice to the council chamber. Also as being a female and a physician and with all my qualifications, I thought that I can bring a new perspective to the council decision making. Two other fine gentlemen ran for the same seat, Mr. Ashton, who won the election, and Mr. Kiefer. I congratulated Mr. Ashton for a very cleverly run campaign wishing him and his family the best and hoping that he will do a fine job for the City. As for me, I will keep my promises to make the voice of Downey citizen heard by writing through our great newspaper, The Downey Patriot, in their letter to the editor section.

First, I thank God as I believe that all things work for the good for those who love the Lord.

Secondly, I’d like to thank the Downey citizens who welcomed me at their homes, kept my signs on their properties, gave me good comments and expressed their concerns. I also thank the Downey citizens who voted for me. I also thank Mr. Kiefer and Mr. Ashton for running a fairly decent campaign.

The third and very important thought is: I am thrilled and happy for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful and caring people during my campaign rounds. This is why our city is still and will continue to be a progressive and safe place to live. Those citizens keep me proud and content as I live among them.

I cannot ignore the disappointing fact that the number of those that cared to vote was as low as 15% on a sunny day, very near location polls, and short time to wait. Even many who have the right to vote did not even care to register. Every citizen should understand the importance of his or her vote in shaping the outcome of the decisions that will affect our society. That is why our veterans, hard-working people and the seniors that served and sacrificed to get our country to where it is now are the most likely groups to vote. In countries like Egypt (my birthplace), where people struggle to achieve and envoy the freedom and democracy which we enjoy in the USA, over 51% vote in the elections in spite of having to travel long distances and spend many hours waiting in long lines in difficult conditions.

I hope the future generations will work hard and keep the principals on which our great country was created so God will continue bless America as always.



Published: Nov. 20, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 32