A message from the publisher

The Downey Patriot is asking for your assistance so that we can better serve the interests of the citizens of Downey.On August 17, 2009, after a lengthy process, the petition to establish The Downey Patriot as a newspaper of general circulation in the County of Los Angeles was granted. "A newspaper of general circulation" (an adjudicated newspaper) means the publication has met the requirements set forth by Government code to publish legal notices and is recognized by the Court. Unfortunately with our current adjudication, The Downey Patriot is limited in the types of legal notices it is able to publish. In order to serve our community better we would like to be able to print all types of legal notices include Notice of Trustee sales, Notice of Probate, and other legal notices of interest to the citizens of Downey. In order to print all legal notices, The Downey Patriot must meet additional requirements set forth by the Government code. One of these additional requirements is "a bona fide subscription list of paid subscribers". This is where we need your help. Join our family of paid subscribers. The subscription cost is $10 and would ensure The Downey Patriot is delivered to your single family home every Friday. If you are a current subscriber and paid $20 for the subscription, your subscription has automatically been renewed for the following year. If we can reach the desired number of paid subscribers, then we will be able to expand our services to the community. The Delivery Subscription Request form is on page 10. Please pass this along to your family, friends and neighbors! Your help is very much appreciated!

********** Published: September 11, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 21