A shelter animal put down too soon

I do not know what discrimination means. I do not understand unworthiness or disappointment.  I do, however, understand loyalty and love. 

Not that my name matters anymore, just know I once was loved. I once belonged to a human who called me their own. I played and cuddled. I was man’s best friend. 

In my final days, I was turned away by countless humans because my owner didn’t want me anymore. I was dirty and skinny. I looked sick, but I wasn’t. All I wanted was some water, food, and kind hand to pet me. 

Instead I fed off dirt and rocks and did my best to keep warm through the rain. Then I was found by a kind stranger who thought I would be safe if I was taken into the Downey animal shelter. Little did I know that my final days were more like my final hours. 

My story began to be shared. Pleas for help to save me were in the works. I was on my way to be rescued. My name is A5031903. That’s what the shelter keeps calling me. I was placed on a table, maybe for a final check-up? What is this shot for? Maybe so I don’t get sick? My eyes are just so heavy… I think I’ll go to sleep now…

This is the story of A5031903, or as I call her, Hope. Each day  the Downey animal shelter makes the decision to kill animals for no reason other than over population. On Feb. 9, a sentence of death was carried out because of appearance. A5031903 was turned in on Feb. 8 by a kind stranger who trusted the shelter and instead was killed, despite having a rescue shelter ready to take her. 

She was starved and left roaming the streets looking for food, looking for kindness, looking for compassion. Maybe once she knew love from a human. She continued to trust the human race until we let her down by carrying out a sentence she did not deserve. 

A5031903 is not just a number, she’s a face with a name who only longed to live out her years growing old with a human who would love her and keep her safe. Instead, someone decided she was too sick to live because she had dirt and rocks in her stomach. 

I chose to name her Hope so that her story and the countless others who were also euthanized will bring hope to the other dogs currently living in the shelters who hope to be adopted. 

I hope you will share her story and save a life by adopting. Please spay and neuter your pets to avoid overpopulations in shelters.