Actions of a madman

Dear Editor:This is a response to Margaret Hittinger. ("Christopher Dorner," Letters to the Editor, 2/14/13) Behind that smiling face lurked a murderer. Dorner had mental issues before his firing from LAPD. People are laid off or fired from their jobs every day. They don't become murderers or seek revenge on innocent people unless they had mental problems to begin with. Hittinger stated that Dorner went to Iraq and killed women and children. Where did she get that information? She disgraced Dorner with that statement. Dorner was an intelligence officer and proudly performed his duty. He lost his security clearance due to his firing from LAPD. That is the reality of a critical job in the Navy. Hittinger obviously hates the United States. She cannot blame our country for the actions of a madman. I suggest that she do something to help our country. If she wants to help our veterans with mental and physical disabilities, she can donate her time and money to organizations such as Wounded Warriors. As the song goes, "Smiling faces tell lies." Robert Rodriguez Downey

Dear Editor: I don't know where to start when responding to Margaret Hittinger's editorial of Christopher Dorner. My first impression is that Ms. Hittinger has probably never blamed herself for anything. It's the other guy! It's us against them. Somebody or something is always out to get you. It must be a comforting feeling knowing that if things don't go your way, you must have been a victim. I'll bet that Ms. Hittinger is part of a growing group of liberals who believe in moral relativity. Heck, what' the difference between a Palestinian who straps a bomb to his/her chest killing innocent people or the police setting fire to a four-time murderer holed up in a cabin? Murder is murder, right? I wonder if Ms. Hittinger would have felt the same if a loved one of hers was murdered by this monster. Ms. Hittinger's moral compass is in need of a tune up. Amazing that one can tell so much about another simply by seeing him on television. Pictures of Hitler radiate love and kindness. Pol Pot seemed to be a swell guy to me! Mao appeared to have so much compassion for others. I've never met Hugo Chavez but on television he looks like a sweet Venezuelan man. The fact is that Dorner was problematic before, during and after his stints in the military and police. America the beautiful simply supplied this "victocrat" the freedom and opportunity that no other country would. Most of us appreciate living in this greatest nation on God's green earth. Ms. Hittinger never will. Carl Vesper Downey

Dear Editor: I was simply stunned to read the bumbling moral obliviousness of Ms. Hittinger's letter about the "poor" Mr. Dorner. We do indeed, it seems, live in a time of deep moral confusion when murderers like Mr. Dorner have fan clubs on Facebook and defenders in local papers. I have often thought that the "psychology" crowd - of which Ms. Hittinger appears to be a member - has done way more damage to our culture than good because of their insistent and annoying tendency to excuse any and all immoral behavior as the result of some bad experience in one's past. No matter what the responsibility-shirkers say, people control their behavior and make choices to act morally or immorally. Hundreds of thousands of veterans have returned from the horrors of war - none of them fought for money, as Ms. Hittinger foolishly asserts - to lead perfectly moral and upstanding lives. I'm sure they have struggles and I would bet money that many of them are not getting the proper support from our government that they deserve because of the backward budget-priority list of our current administration, but good cops - good people of any profession - don't murder innocent people, even if they feel they were unjustly fired. What would Martin Luther King Jr. do? Alaina Niemann Downey

********** Published: February 21, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 45