Add me as a friend? Facebook is social network of choice

DOWNEY - The Internet has quickly become many people's main platform for communication, and with the recent release of "The Social Network" movie, there's been much talk and debate over which social networks dominate the Web, and what keeps busy teens and adults coming back for more.The Internet has become the dominating force in the media, whether it's news, entertainment or communication. For busy teens everywhere, and now even busy adults, social networking is the most ideal way to keep in contact with peers. It offers speed, and for many people, it makes tasks that would usually be complex and time consuming, simple. "I look for a social networking site that allows me to share my pictures, videos, and funny links that I find on YouTube," said Downey High School ASB president Kristin Maranan. "What I love about social networking sites is that I can promote activities or events without spending time, money and the extra effort of making flyers or sending out invitations through mail … It also provides an easy and quick connection to those I love without spending any money." While social networking is simple and effective, there are many different networks to choose from, and one seems to definitely dominate- Facebook. While there have been many fads when it comes to social networking, Facebook seems to be one of the largest networks accessed by a very large and diverse population. Many have made Facebook a part of their lives, from high-profile organizations, to teachers who utilize the website to reach out to their students. Some believe Facebook is successful due to its simplicity, while others believe it may just be a simple solution to complicated communication. "I think Facebook has been so successful because it's just so different," said Lisa Guerrero, a cheerleader at Downey High. "It really is a better way to stay in touch with co-workers, family, and friends. I love the design of the website, and how easy the site is to navigate. I feel like it also gives the user a fair amount of privacy compared to other social networks I've used." While Facebook is obviously booming, what is the next big thing that will rock the networking world? While it's clear that users strive to receive a quick alternative to sometimes difficult communication methods, it would take something profound to grab their attention- unless something already has. "The newest blogging site, Tumblr, has been catching a lot of people's interest," said Downey athlete Kimberly Matamoros. "Not only is the site easy to maintain, but it also has the option of posting pictures, videos, and music, so bloggers don't feel obligated to only write in their posts." Social networking is getting increasingly popular as time passes, and while many networks are up and coming, Facebook currently appears to have the largest stake in the networking world. "I am addicted to Facebook. I check it at least 10 times a day," said Maranan.

********** Published: November 4, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 29