Against Firestone medians

Dear Editor:We the electors, residents, business owners and customers of the City of Downey are against the proposed Firestone Boulevard West Street Improvement Project for installation of raised landscaped median islands on Firestone Boulevard from Old River School Road to Paramount Boulevard for the following reasons: Customers won't be able to make a left turn into the business parking lot Police, fire and paramedics won't have an immediate access turning left into the property and will cause delay in responses to save lives As a business owner I am going to lose customers when they cannot turn left into the property As a customer it will be difficult to access the property and there will be a possible increase in accidents trying to make a U-turn With a median installed, the street will be highway and there will be much more speeding and accidents Up to now I have over 250 signatures from residents and business owners rejecting the raised median landscaping, but I am sure they would like to see a traffic signal light at Wiley-Burke Avenue that will help pedestrians to cross over. In 2007, a person was injured and 10 years ago a person was killed in a traffic accident. -- Eitan Sharaf, Owner, Unique Auto Spa

********** Published: February 16, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 44