Alternative Medicine: Energetic Hygiene

Showering our physical body in done mainly for personal hygiene reasons. In a similar fashion our energetic anatomy (aura, chakras) also requires an energy shower. After a long, busy and stressful day we feel heavy, sticky and stinky. A soothing shower or bath easily resolves this. We step out of the shower feeling light, happy, clean and good smelling. Joy has been restored! Or has it?

We may feel a temporary uplift but then the dreaded heavy feeling starts to set in. In my case, my body starts to feel drained; worry and negative chatter begin to bubble. But why? I just took the most relaxing shower known to mankind. This stuff that sits in the energy field can’t be washed away with water alone. With every passing day energetic junk accumulates and we definitely feel it.

Picture your energy field serving a similar purpose as the lungs. According to “The lungs' main function is to help oxygen from the air we breathe enter the red cells in the blood. Red blood cells then carry oxygen around the body to be used in the cells found in our body. The lungs also help the body to get rid of CO2 gas when we breathe out”. What would happen if the lungs could not help the body get rid of CO2 gas? This toxic gas would poison the body. Slowly deteriorating it. 

Our energy field behaves similarly to the lungs. It has to expel the energetic by product the chakras and aura expel. This is where practicing a proper energetic hygiene comes in handy. You won’t just feel great after a shower or bath, you’ll feel extra super squeaky clean and clear from a physical and energetic level. 

All you need is love…got your attention? Well love also but let’s switch it up a bit. In reality table salt, whatever shower gel you have and some lavender or tea tree essential oil will do. You can use Himalayan salt if you want but no need to go fancy or expensive. You can purchase essential oils at wellness and natural food stores inexpensively.

Add 2-3 tablespoons of salt into the shower gel bottle. Ad 5-8 combined drops of one or two essential oils.  Shake, shake and shake! Every time you shower pay special attention to the neck/throat area and belly region. These places hold most of the energy that trigger worry, anxiety and stress. Using your fingers rotate the salty mixture of shower gel in these areas then wash away. You will find this routine of energetic self-care making a world of a difference in your everyday life. 

If you don’t have shower gel simply use a small plastic container to add ¼ cup of salt and the essential oil drops. Mix to incorporate, and you are good to go. Use it the same way as the salty shower gel. 

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Marcela A. Arrieta is an alternative modality practitioner with over five years of experience in this field. She is also a successful entrepreneur who resides in Downey.