Alternative Medicine: Stories

What stories? The stories created by the mind that drive us up the wall. We all have them – it’s a natural thing for the primitive human mind to fabricate. The problem is that these made up fables will hinder us from being the successful, healthy, abundant and prosperous being we are destined to be.  

So what is a story exactly? Think of a time an assumption(s) (a.k.a. stories) clouded your judgment of a person or situation. I’ll share one of my experiences: A while back I met a woman whose appearance was impeccable. Her hair and makeup well done but her facial expressions came across as an angry and bitter person. Immediately the mind began to fabricate stories and I indulged in the moment. 

The storyline was filled with thoughts of this woman being difficult, unpleasant and unhappy. Surely because she was all of this her sole mission was to make me feel the same way. My emotions started to bubble, I suddenly felt angry towards her. I remember creating multiple plot twist in my mind. I knew that the moment she tried to change me and bestow her negativity upon me I would snap like a dried up twig. And surely she appeared impeccable only to make me feel worthless, I mean what other reason would there be! Oh my goodness I was so submerged in this tale I completely lost track of everything else around me.

She was there to give a presentation. The moment she spoke I froze. Her voice, the sweetest. Soon I learned what she really was and was not. Her frozen facial expression was due to a stroke she’d suffered many years back. As her presentation continued I realized what a compassionate heart and loving person she was. Always wanting to empower others through the sharing of knowledge. This was the point it all hit me like a ton of bricks. Reflecting back on the situation I realized that I had made a choice and allow the mind to fabricate false stories. It registered that this hindered my ability to be open, compassionate and understanding of others suffering and needs.

This woman wasn’t after me with her negativity and arrogance. It was all a creation of the mind. For what purpose? To distract me from my true divine purpose. By choosing to give into the minds game I wasted precious time and energy. Did I learn anything – You bet I did!

So what’s to take from all of this? In any situation we must practice positive thoughts and a correct viewpoint. Shifting your awareness away from any story the mind begins to fabricate does this. The mind will throw multiple curve balls in an effort to distract you. The “what if’s, what not’s”. It doesn’t care if you hurt along the way.  Know that YOU control the mind not the mind in control of you. Give this exercise a try for a few days, see and feel the transformation within.

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Marcela A. Arrieta is an alternative modality practitioner with over five years of experience in this field. She is also a successful entrepreneur who resides in Downey.