Alternative Medicine: The Secret is in the Heart

Today we’re going to evoke one of the most powerful energy centers in the human energetic anatomy. It is said to hold the secrets of happiness, health and possesses restorative properties. This center is the heart chakra. At its very core it emits emotions of peace, compassion, patience, joy, etc. Some of the highest vibrational feelings a human being can experience and emanate.

The holiday season is the perfect time to activate and experience the wonders of the heart center. Take a quick peak at your Christmas shopping list – do you spot a few people on there that you can do without shopping for? Yes, we all have those. Although we may fuzz for a moment, the act of giving fulfills an emotional emptiness deep within our core. 

Think to a time when you gave something to another person. Whether they needed your gift or not how did the act of giving make you feel, what emotions and feelings were brought to the surface?  Many experienced joy, satisfaction and a sense of being of value. All these emotions come about when the heart center through the act of giving is activated. Hence: The Secret is in the Heart.

Giving is the secret to abundance and prosperity. As said by Saint Francis of Assisi, “It is in giving that we receive”. When the heart blooms it radiates beams of absolute love, mercy, compassion, etc., towards every person and every being without exceptions. Equally, you will receive what you gave multiplied. 

I personally invite you to try the following exercise every time you give: 

■ Slowly inhale and exhale for about 5-seconds.
■ Gently place your left hand over your heart center. 
■ As you give to family, friends or charity be aware of your heart center.
■ Observe and be aware of the emotions evoked by the action of giving.
■ Silently make a wish. Added bonus: Making a wish points the energy towards what your heart desires the most. Remember, it is in giving that we receive.
■ Silently give thanks for the opportunity to help and empower others for they unknowingly have empowered you through the energetic act of heart activation and karmic entitlement.  

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Marcela A. Arrieta is an alternative modality practitioner with over five years of experience in this field. She is also a successful entrepreneur who resides in Downey.