Alternative Medicine: Why we meditate

Meditation is a form of prayer. Universal and encompassing of people from multiple religious beliefs. It promotes optimal wellness in all areas of life. Study-after-study it has been recorded that mediation aids with the reduction of stress, improved focus, lower blood pressure and an overall well-being of body, emotions, mind and spirit. So why are these benefits achieved at a greater pace than with prayer? There is one differentiating factor which we’ll speak of next. 

The majority of religious institutions if not all classify prayer as a form of conveying our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs to a greater force, creator, God, universe etc. Usually characterized as a one-way stream of communication. I was brought up catholic and after prayer we’d say, “it’s in the God’s hands now”. Then, we’d go about our daily routine. Thinking very little of what we asked God for nonetheless doing anything to make our requests a reality.

With meditation a two-way form of communication is applied. The first factor is incorporating prayer, which is communicating our needs and wants. The second factor is holding a space of awareness during your meditation. During this heightened state of awareness we’re able to perceive an immediate response to the prayer(s). This response is what I like to call the guru within us. All of the answers and solutions to my prayers are one meditation session away! Awakening from meditation I usually have a clear view of what needs to be done in order to achieve the results I’ve prayed for. 

When I first began to meditate several years ago it took some practice to achieve a state of stillness and prolonged awareness. The second challenge was training the mind and all my senses to register and validate those signals coming from above. The human body has a fairly primitive mind whose only purpose is to survive. It doesn’t yet understand or register higher frequencies generated through meditation. This is why constant practice in meditation will train the mind working to register these frequencies. 

I’ve learned that religion is exclusive, but spirituality is inclusive. I’ve meditated among Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics and Christians to name a few. We come together as One human race with the ultimate goal of becoming a better person, achieving an overall state of wellness that benefits every person, being and earth.

Regardless of your chosen belief structure anyone can learn to meditate. There are many forms of it but personally I’ve found that sitting in a quiet and clean space definitely amplified the results. There is a wonderful meditation workshop offered at Downey Yoga. It’s wonderful for all levels of meditation practice.

Here’s a little exercise to get you started:

Find that quiet and clean space. Preferably sit up with your spine straight, but you can also lay down. Put your hands on your knees with the palms facing up if your sitting. If laying down place your arms to your side. Gently inhale and exhale as you put your awareness on your heart center - known as the heart chakra. Move that awareness upwards to the top of your head - crown chakra. 

At this moment convey your prayer (wants and needs). Continue to focus on your breathing and the heart and crown chakras. Silently ask to be shown how to accomplish these wants and needs. Allow these images to simply come through. Each time silently asking to be shown more until you have the answer(s) you seek. 

All you have to do to train the mind and senses each time you meditate is silently say, “thank you” after every response you receive regarding your questions. That simple!

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Marcela Arrieta is an alternative modality practitioner with over five years of experience in this field. She is also an entrepreneur who resides in Downey. She can be reached at