Letter to the Editor: Supreme Court nomination

Dear Editor: 

Let the president do his job. 

President Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland for the vacancy on the Supreme Court is the right choice. Merrick Garland is a judge who has been praised by politicians on both sides of the aisle including conservative Republican Orrin Hatch of Utah. Garland is a moderate judge who all parties agree is very well qualified and fair and who works to bring opposing sides together. 

Once again, the U.S. Senate under Republican leader Mitch McConnell has chosen political obstructionism over doing its job in refusing to even consider the nomination. Senate Republicans have chosen to ignore their constitutional responsibilities and to leave open a vacancy on the Court for a year. 

The American people should be outraged at this do-nothing, obstructionist Congress. What can we do? Share this on social media, tell your friends, call or write to your Senators and tell them to do the job they are paid to do, and come November vote for a change.

Anita Rivero