Appreciation for Dr. Stauffer

Dear Editor:Thanks to all the wonderful people who came to the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey on August 26 to help me celebrate 20 years of the Mary R. Stauffer Foundation and my 95th birthday. Special thanks to all those who made it possible. Thanks to Christy Pearce who made the arrangements and directed the multiple activities going on through the museum. Thanks to the helpful museum staff. Thanks to Mayor Roger Brossmer for MCing the program at 3 p.m. Thanks to Eileen Garrido for singing the words she wrote to a favorite melody. What a beautiful voice and person. Thanks for the certificates of recognition from the County of Los Angeles, the city of Downey and the DUSD (presented by board members Martha Sodatani and Bobbie Samperi.) Special thanks to the many grantees who brought exhibits and demonstrations to showcase some of the great things our teachers and students are doing The list is long and I may have omitted you, please forgive. It has been 20 years of opportunities and many fulfillments. Thanks to Bill French JD who created the documents and named the foundation. thanks to the superintendent, Ed Sussman, to director of curriculum, Wendy Lopour. Thanks to the first grantee, Don Latham for the Cyberobic Center at West Jr High. It won a golden bell for DUSD Thanks to my daughter Judy Saunders who ran the foundation out of my medical office for the first five years. Thanks to my daughter Janet Suzuki who helped me prepare the documents to become an operating foundation. Thanks to my son Jim who successfully oversees the Crowell Weedon stock portfolio. Thanks to son John and daughter Dorothy who have been helpful in many ways. Thanks to my husband, Dal, who started the Scholar Athlete awards at Warren and Downey High Schools. Special thanks to board members Linda Kennedy and Allison Riley. Linda has done a remarkable job of initiating, coordinating and monitoring the grants. In 20 years the Stauffer Foundation has given $4 million dollars to grantees in Downey. Thanks to God for all my blessings. Mary R Stauffer MD Downey

Dear Editor: A special 95th birthday thank you to Dr. Mary Stauffer and the Mary R. Stauffer Foundation for their generosity for inviting everyone to the Columbia Memorial Space Center with free admission on Sunday. About 3 p.m., as part of the crowd inside the space center, Mayor Roger Brossmer led us all in singing happy birthday to Dr. Stauffer as part of the activities; what a great day it was. Because of Dr. Stauffer and the foundation's generosity, our Downey schools and the Downey community have benefited in the last 20 years. Dr. Mary Stauffer and the Mary R. Stauffer Foundation are a true gem to the Downey community and we thank you. Michelle Frase Downey

********** Published: August 30, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 20