April What's Hot Tips

Francesca BaldiIt Ain't Easy Being Green Going green just got easier…It's time to take a turn for the best and go green 'cause we all know it's the NEW black. Eco-friendly finds have hit the runways and designers are cautious of their carbon footprint as new trends take form, so why shouldn't we? One small way that we can become eco-friendly is by recycling paper, bottles and even makeup. GNC is proud to go green this season and has aluminum water bottle on sale for $9.99. This great buy is fabulous for reducing our consumption of H2O bottles and cuts down on the amount of plastic we throw away. Celebs like Amanda Bynes, Beyoncé and John Mayer are among the few who have jumped on the go green ban wagon and for $9.99 I encourage you too to head over to GNC in the Stonewood Center and pick up your eco-friendly find. April 22nd marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day so I urge you all to spend the day outdoors and thank Mother Nature for all she has given us! Go for a bike ride, have a picnic, or just walk the dog…but don't forget your water bottle. XOXO, FB PS Give a hoot, don't pollute!! Erika Kimura B is for Bamboo After a long, drawn-out cold spell, be ready to ditch the wool sweaters and thick sheepskin boots in favor of breezy summer dresses in the spirit of warm-weather fashion. I've been looking around and was pleased to see Forever 21 now offers the perfect little sundress made from bamboo. Bamboo is gaining popularity for its sustainability, soft texture likened to cotton and cashmere and ability to be cultivated without the use of pesticides. In other words, it's eco-friendly. The icing on the cake is that this dress is available in eight vibrant, seasonal colors (I'm in love with the teal) and will cost you less than $25. Now they're really speaking my language. I paired my organic dress with a vintage colorful seashell necklace from my mom's old jewelry box. Go green and buy yourself an eco-friendly dress and dress it up with your grandmother or mother's "recycled" jewelry! Brittney Miller Step Into…A Cleaner World Lets be kinder to Mother Nature by stepping out in our "106 SF VANS". This surf shoe is built with natural hemp and is outlined with eco-friendly bamboo. The water based ink and glue keeps moisture out and is comfortable to wear! Soo Lets GO GREEN with van's sneakers for $60.00

********** Published: April 16, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 52