ASB scurries for graduation funding

DOWNEY - Fundraising blindly during a recession had almost been to no avail for the 2010 senior class as certain, but essential, aspects of every senior's graduation were nearly risked for Downey High School's own graduation.Raising revenue for the senior class of 2010 has been no simple feat, it would appear that both the senior class president and vice president have discovered this passing year. Their lack of experience combined with some hard times ultimately made it difficult for Briana Bobadilla and Alexandria Galindo to raise the required amount necessary for graduation. "We were kind of thrown for a loop this year because we didn't really start off with a lot of money so we had to do more work," said senior class vice president Galindo. "We've already made a lot of money and me and the other officer were brand new to ASB. We've never been on ASB and we didn't really know how to do anything, so it was kind of hard for us to get the hang of things and now we're kind of doing better. We had a lot of ideas but a lot of it, we had to spend money to get money and we didn't have the money to spend." With graduation around the corner, ASB has taken to last, desperate efforts so as to make up the remaining amount needed for the estimated total of $3,500. Daily stands selling refreshing smoothies from Juice It Up! in the quad during lunch have easily raised around $300 per week, covering the costs of the graduation programs. The last remaining risk being run are the fireworks that have been present and expected at every other graduation, known to have ended the memorable night with a finale of bright colors and loud booms. To cover the cost for the fireworks, ASB has joined with football, cutting the revenues made in half, to create a new fundraiser: the powderpuff 2010 game. "An amount is still needed to be made, but I think we can do it," said Galindo. "It's not too far because of powderpuff. A lot of people are interested and we've only collected the entrance fees from each girl, which pays for them so as of right now, no money has been made on it but we're handing out tickets and each ticket is five dollars. With all the tickets out, we'll have enough." A meeting with Downey vice principal Ixchel Sanchez was what pushed ASB into focus as they are now turning all efforts toward raising the amount necessary for graduation. Though the programs naming each student are guaranteed for every guest, the presence of fireworks is yet to be determined by the success of the powderpuff 2010 game, leaving the final preparations for graduation very last minute, indeed.

********** Published: June 4, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 7