Assembly candidate Miller hopes to represent voters

DOWNEY - Gladys Miller once heard a politician say that the government could take better care of families then they could of themselves, a statement that reminds the republican why she is campaigning against the democratic establishment for lower taxes and less state regulations."I'm for common sense regulations," said Miller, who is vying to be the 50th district's next assemblyperson. "But our businesses are being taxed to death and are leaving. Something has to be done." For Miller, who has lived in the district for more than 35 years, change is not an option if California wants to see growth again. "We've lost industry and we've lost jobs - and the reason is high taxes and stringent regulations," Miller said. "We need to make this state more business friendly. We can't keep taxing people." Born in Italy and raised in Michigan, Miller moved to southern California in 1975 with her husband and began working for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, where she is currently an insurance analyst. Since 1992, Miller has served as chairwoman for the 50th district's Republican Central Committee and is an elected member of the Los Angeles County Republican Central Committee. She also serves as a union steward of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. "I have a background in dealing with people," said Miller, 61, who currently resides in South Gate. "I'm a problem solver - I do that in my job now and I've done that in my past involvement in the party." This year will not be the first that Miller has attempted to claim the 50th district assembly seat as the republican has ran several times unopposed for the republican nomination, but this year Miller will face P.J. Mellana, a 31-year-old recreation supervisor for the city of Bellflower. Although the two share similar goals, Miller said she believes she has the experience needed to get the job done. "I've gone door to door and talked with voters and it's always the bread and butter issues," Miller said. "It's tough - there are families working two or three jobs just to make it - the government must be on a budget like you and me. It's their spending that got us into this mess." Miller believes rolling back taxes and offering businesses tax credits will bring back business and, subsequently, create new blue collar jobs for residents within the 50th district. In addition to jobs and taxes, Miller also hopes to change California's education system. "We need to go back to basics," Miller said. "We need to go back and teach these types of things and make sure our kids are competitive in this century." Moreover, Miller maintains that wasteful spending is the problem and lower taxes and fewer regulations is a part of the solution. "What we have in Sacramento needs to be replaced," said Miller. "I'm the best candidate with the experience and I'm asking for your vote. I can give you the promise to give you the best representation that I can." After the June 8 primary, either Miller or Mellana will go on to face one of the four democratic challengers in the November election. The winner will claim the state assembly seat of Hector De La Torre who is being termed out of office.

********** Published: April 16, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 52