Assist from the congresswoman

Dear Editor:I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank the office of Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, namely Kimberlee Tachiki-Chin, Ray Alvarez and Nancy Lira, for their efforts in expediting an entry visa to the United States for a 6-year-old Egyptian girl who is in dire need of reconstructive surgeries.

In the spring of 2012, a medical team from Samaritan Medical Foundation traveled to southern Egypt. While conducting their free medical services to the local impoverished population, they were approached by a lady who pleaded with them for treatment for her niece.

The little girl, named Miriam, had lost both of her parents and her siblings in a tragic fire, leaving her behind as the sole survivor. Not only was little Miriam now an orphan, but she was also scarred with third degree burns over more than 50 percent of her body.

Upon return to the United States, Samaritan Medical Foundation secured a treatment plan for the little girl. Hereafter travel arrangements were made for both Miriam and her aunt. However, their visa applications were put on pending status without explanation. Consequently, Miriam's surgeries had to be rescheduled again and again.

Finally, Samaritan Medical Foundation decided to seek the help of Congresswoman Roybal-Allard. Mrs. Roybal's deputy, Kimberlee Tachiki, forwarded our request for assistance in obtaining the visa in a timely manner to Ray Alvarez and Nancy Lira, who then duly acted upon this.

Less than two weeks later, visas for both Miriam and her aunt were secured. And we are happy to report that they are to travel to the United States sometime this spring, when Miriam will finally be receiving the much-needed surgeries to improve her mobility.

John Kaddis, M.D., Samaritan Medical Foundation Downey

********** Published: February 28, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 46