Bad living conditions

Dear Editor:About two years ago, my husband and I wanted to scale down and move to a senior building here in Downey. Before deciding to purchase, we made a decision to rent and we are so glad we did. What an education we have received. It is very disappointing to see the quality of senior living deteriorate where a building is managed by a board of aging seniors who can no longer keep up with the demands of effectively managing a facility of this capacity. Board meetings are virtually non-existent, the hired local property management company does not return telephone calls nor respond to written correspondence, carpets are unsanitary, and repairs are not expeditiously taken care of. It is very undesirable and unsanitary to live with urine puddles in the elevator (almost weekly) and feces in the lobby, torn painting on the wall, dogs who are allowed to run free and urinate in the hallways, safety rules that are neither enforced or adhered to, citing just a fiew. It took two years plus to install security cameras after cars had been repeatedly vandalized and stolen in what is advertised as a secure building. I recently took a trip to other senior 55-plus communities outside of Downey to see if it was the same elsewhere and to my enlightenment it was not. Why do we have to allow such deplorable conditions to exist in the beautiful community of Downey? I, along with other residents, am embarrassed to have friends and family visit. This facility is comprised of renters and owners, and moving is not an option for most. I want to expose these conditions in hopes that someone in our community has any suggestions for improvement. -- Rosa Wijesiriwardena, Downey

********** Published: January 5, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 38