Ball estate

Dear Editor: Today I read the stories of Albert Ball and the beautiful mansion that once was (“History Denied: Ball Property Subdivided into Four Lots,” 2/19/15). I live in the neighborhood.

I grew up in Lynwood but have known and loved that place all my life. My neighbor and I talked to the man who sold the house to the people who destroyed it. Funny thing, he wouldn’t tell us what was going to happen to that place, but he knew.

We watched while all the tiles came down...the windows one by one...the pool and the gardens ripped out, while the mansion was “dismantled” and its parts likely sold for a pretty price or sent somewhere as scrap or salvage. From day one, we thought this property was purchased for exactly this purpose: to destroy that beautiful place instead of bringing it back to life as was the plan, and that it would be subdivided to make multiple cookie-cutter homes.

How sick I am to read today that what we thought was going to happen is exactly what is going to happen.

Like every other huge lot and lovely old home in this city, it has been lost to someone who could make money. I, too, dreamed of someday living in that home, but because I loved the home, not so I could tear it down.

It’s really so very sad that the home was not purchased by someone who cared at all about the history and beauty of Downey’s past.

Katherine Rodriguez




Published: Feb. 26, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 46