Bicycle scofflaws

Dear Editor:Did I see this while driving east on Firestone Boulevard, just east of Lakewood Boulevard, a large, upright diamond-shaped road sign on a makeshift easel and the sign reads "Share the Road" with the picture of a person riding a bicycle? A road sign? I always try to share the road with the bicycle riders but most of them sway back and forth while riding, almost as if they are oblivious of cars and all other vehicles out and about. Like they want to cause a wreck. When driving on surface streets coming to the two-way and/or four-way stop signs I have to stop and so do the other drivers. But I have yet to see any bicycle rider come to a stop. They just whiz by. Couldn't anyone at The Downey Patriot write a safety article, or print a cut-out section on bicycle laws, rules, regulations and guidelines for bicycle riders to cut out and learn from? It's one thing to share the road with them if they too want to share the road with us. I do not want to drive through an intersection and either hit a bicycler or have one hit me because they do not realize that they, too, are supposed to come to a full stop as well. Plus, Downey could benefit in the installation of intersection stop sign cameras like some cities have. I am fed up with being at some stop signs where people in their SUVs or whatever roll through stops and I have to wait for the California rollers to clear out of the way in order to drive through. Paul Duran Downey

********** Published: April 12, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 52