Big Spending

Dear Editor:Enough is enough. It's time we the people rise up and tell what is hopefully the last of the big spenders, President Obama, that we have had more than enough of his reckless spending. He wants to spread the wealth around. I have a suggestion for him to achieve this: Let him, Al Gore, Hillary and Bill, Ted Kennedy and many others walk the walk - start with themselves and when their resources are depleted, come to us. I wish President Obama would cease to campaign and cease from giving speeches, because every time he gives a speech, the stock market drops. When all our 401(k)s and our IRAs and investments are gone, who is going to foot the bill for all these trillions that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has written for him in the spending bill? He kept saying "I have a plan," but then we learned that his policies and big spending programs were written by Pelosi who, by the way, is the only speaker of the house to ever have her own private airplane; and guess what, paid by the taxpayer. - Elsa Van Leuven, Downey