Blighted business

Dear Editor:In answer to "Stop the Blame" (Letters to the Editor, 1/27/12), I would like to point out that the scientific community largely agrees that life begins at conception. When else would it begin? If the author would Google the words "beginning of life," he'd find articles and amazing videos of the first moments of a new life when the sperm and egg unite, and then the rapid development of differentiated cells so that by day 21, before a woman even thinks she's pregnant, the baby's heart is beating. These facts are no longer subject to debate because modern technology now displays the reality for all to see. Planned Parenthood and Family Planning Associates do provide pregnancy tests, contraceptives, pap smears, etc. However, their largest profits come from providing abortions. That is why they like the "value neutral" contraceptive-based approach to sex education that is taught in most public schools. Results are showing that the easy availability of contraceptives for young people has given a false sense of security, which often leads to consequences such as STDs, and, when the contraceptives fail, abortions. Planned Parenthood makes a large percent of its money on abortions and abortion is the snuffing out of a human life which has already begun. It stops a beating heart. It is marketed as planning for a "wanted child," but the truth is there are no unwanted children, because thousands of couples are longing to adopt a child, even from women who have "smoked and drank" throughout their pregnancies. As far as the overpopulation argument goes, that too is being disputed. Countries such as Italy, Germany and France are now taking steps to encourage couples to have children because the European replacement birth rate has dropped dramatically and is effecting economies in a negative way. Even in Downey our elementary schools face the possibility of closed classrooms and unemployed teachers and staff because the amount of enrolled children is on the decline. Is there possibly a connection with the fact that on Firestone Boulevard there are at least 200 abortions done by surgery or chemicals every month? Smaller than Planned Parenthood, but just as abortion-minded, is the business of Family Planning Associates located just yards away from Downey High. It is a blight to our comunity, even though it is legal. Tattoo parlors, liquor stores, topless bars and marijuana clinics are legal in some cities too, but they don't put them next to high schools for good reasons. On a positive note for our community, when I drive down Lakewood Boulevard, especially between Firestone and Florence, I am cheered and grateful for the newly-refurbished road with its calming landscape and lights. Thanks to the city, county, state, feds and whoever else is responsible for this beautification project. Now if only our city could bid good riddance to that depressing blight of a business on Firestone Boulevard, we could be really blessed. -- Patti Sharpe, Downey

********** Published: February 9, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 43