Border protection

Dear Editor:The dictionary defines a country's border as "the confines or exterior limits" of a country. The President of the USA swore an oath upon assuming office to "uphold, protect and defend" our borders. Only the ignorant or those in denial reject the fact that the drug terror raging in Mexico has spilled into U.S. territory. President Obama's appointed head of Homeland Security, former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano, declared in February 2010: "The border is better now than it has ever been." She was supported by Obama in his address on immigration to the American University in June 2010. In contradiction of this benign picture, "savvy" law enforcement officers from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California support Sheriff Paul Babeu's contention: "For our government to try to do these Jedi mind tricks on people to say the border is more secure than ever.. defies belief." They will tell you, the drug terrorists have penetrated deeper than 70 miles into American territory and have setup observation posts equipped with modern, sophisticated equipment with capability of communicating with their command center in Mexico. The Government Accountability Office asserts: "The United States can only prevent or interrupt illegal entry along 129 miles of its 1,954 miles of Southern Border." Our border patrol officers are impeded by environmental rules that facilitate the drug terrorists who litter and destroy the very habitat these misguided environmentalists hope to protect. The responsibility to clean the debris should be assigned to them; maybe they might learn from that. For Americans, who had settled the land for generations, to be denied federal government protection should be of concern to every American. -- Gerald de Carvalho, Downey

********** Published: August 18, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 18