Breeding license

Dear Editor:I find it amazing that people feel they have the God given right to dictate the lives of others. Mr. Fiala (Letters to the Editor, 6/5/09) credited God with creating the "sanctity of marriage" and therefore marriage is "sacred" for (and only for) heterosexual couples. Basically what Mr. Fiala has described is God's breeding license! Since he has tied marriage to procreation so closely, then why is it necessary to extend the marriage to heterosexual couples who are past child bearing age or to people who can not bear children, but not to same sex couples? And why would marriage be allowed for prisoners given a life sentence when they would not be allowed to raise that child, and not to a same-sex couple who are committed to each other and who could raise an unwanted adopted child in a loving family unit? I, on the other hand, believe marriage is a societal institution created by man. I also know that science has shown that homosexuality is not a deviant lifestyle, but a matter of biology (they were born that way). If that were not true the homophobes would have wiped out homosexuals eons ago. So, going back to our creator, if He created homosexuality by wiring it into the gene pool, how can we as a society deny same-sex couples the same rights we all enjoy? California's electorate saw fit to deny a minority their civil rights by denying the homosexual community the right to marry. With luck, this injustice can be overturned so that inequality and hatred will finally become a footnote in history. - Thomas D. Smith, Downey

********** Published: June 12, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 8