Café Desha

The choir department at Warren High School is giving students a chance to show off their musical talent at Café Desha every Friday during lunch. Café Desha is run by the choir director, Robert Peterson, along with many of his students on staff.Café Desha wants to provide the opportunity for singers who are tired of singing in the shower and think they are ready to take on the stage. The stage is open to anyone and you can expect to see fully formed bands, or even students who just want to have fun with the karaoke machine. Students can come in, sit down and enjoy live music performed by some of their fellow classmates for free with snacks available for purchase. With Café Desha becoming so popular this year, they have begun giving out free wristbands to the first few students who wish to get priority seating. Those students are let in 10 minutes before the show starts so that they can avoid the crowd of students that rush in to get seats. For some, the crowd is no problem. "Even though the place is crowded, it is still a lot of fun. We get to hang out and listen to our friends play some good music," said Christina Nelson, a senior at Warren. Peterson encourages everyone to come to the choir room at lunch every Friday to watch or even join in on the music. If your nerves are holding you back from performing, try sitting in the audience for a bit to settle into the encouraging and laid back atmosphere. ********** Published: January 16, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 39