The renovation of Warren High School's cafeteria has left students speechless. Although everyone is excited about the new look and the additions, some teachers are questioning whether the district really spent their money wisely.The first time the new cafeteria doors opened there was a line of eager students waiting to see what the school had been working on for the past few months. There had been a lot of talk about the large amount of extravagant features that were brought to the newly renovated lunch room, but still many were surprised when they walked in to see multiple flat screen TVs hung on the walls along side unique pieces of artwork. Instead of the typical long skinny tables the students were used to sitting on, there were restaurant booths, round tables that seated six or more people, and even stools and high chairs for two. Students have realized that the cafeteria has turned into something you would not find in a typical high school. It now acts more as a food court, leaving you with many different choices including your typical lunch menu, a pizzeria bar, a fresh foods aisle, and even a dessert bar. "I think the cafeteria looks great. It's really different and it looks like something you'd find at a high-end mall. I've heard that there are problems with money and schools but I guess our school is doing okay since we have flat screen TVs everywhere and even a dessert bar," said Crystal Peralta. It is true, there are many schools dealing with the struggle of budget cuts that are leaving them without school supplies and some even without staff. It is for this reason that many of the teachers at Warren High are having a hard time figuring out whether the renovation of the cafeteria and the new add-ons are really necessary. Many are complaining that the district is not spending their money wisely and feel that it should go towards buying new school supplies or painting over the walls covered with graffiti in the halls. They are being turned down when they ask for money and are told that there is no money for the district to spend. It seems that all the money they had was spent on purchasing flat screen TVs, which both teachers and students alike do not see as a smart purchase. Many do not think the district has the same priorities of normal educational facilities. The Downey Unified School District has not been hit as hard as many of the other districts and they have even managed to keep all of the teachers employed, but this does not mean it is going to be smooth sailing through these budget crunches for DUSD. "I really can't believe the school spent so much money on all these things. I don't think very much of it is actually necessary. All we really asked for was better food," said Dalia Cortes. ********** Published: February 20, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 44